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The Miracle Boy and the Somali Gangs: A Graphic Novel

Dec 13, 2013

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    An Anthology of Somali Poetry

    Sep 22, 1993

    by Bogumil W. Andrzejewski and Sheila Andrzejewski
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    In Praise of Somali Literature

    Jul 6, 2013

    by B W Andrezewski
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    The Somali Deception Episode III (Cameron Kincaid Series Book 3)

    Aug 9, 2014

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    Wiil Waal: A Somali Folktale (Somali Bilingual Book Projects)

    Aug 16, 2007

    by Retold By: Kathleen Moriarty and Somali Translation By: Jamal Adam
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    Yesterday, Tomorrow: Voices from the Somali Diaspora (Literature, Culture, and Identity)

    Mar 2000

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      Literature of Somali Onomastics & Proverbs with Comparison of Foreign Sayings (2006 publication)


      Geel waa  Magool Xoolaad Suugaanta Geela

      Camels are often the subject of literature, proverbs, songs, and folktales. In the Quran, the camel is referred to as “a gift g

      Faaliyihii la Bilkayday (Sheeko Xariirooyin Soomaaliyeed)

      Aman: the story of a Somali girlA Tree for poverty: Somali poetry and prose


      The law of the Somalis: a stable foundation for economic development in the Horn of AfricaThe state and rural transformation in Northern Somalia, 1884-1986
      MEHERAD ( When I grow up I want to be…)Waayo—Aragnimadii Cigaal Shidaad Iyo Ceebla (The adven-tures o

      Sheeko Baraleey Soomaaliyeed (Somali Folktales)
      Qarad iyo Qori-Ismaris  (Qarad and the Shapeshifter) (Bi-lingual
      Sheeko Xariirooyinka Xayawaanka


      Addunka Xoolaha ( Animal World Picture—Bilingual book )

      Falkin Iyo Megdayn ( Weaving & Tanning)

      Cawaale iyo Ceebla oo Toronto u soo Qaxay (Bi-lingual) (Awale an














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